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The regular practice of Pilates delivers many benefits, giving gradual and positive changes to the body’s strength, tone and flexibility. Pilates exercises require a ‘core stability’ of the deep muscles, which takes time and concentration to develop. These deep postural muscles support and stabilise our skeletons and don’t need repetitive overloading to strengthen them, they just need to be switched on. The Pilates student learns how to sense and activate these muscles which form the basis to good posture, and then to remain aware of posture and alignment throughout the performance of the flowing sequences of movement which form the practice of Pilates.
You will find that your hour long class will fly by, as the time spent listening, sensing and responding to your body is both relaxing and energising. Making changes to the postural system will help you to stand taller, as you become aware of how to align your spine and the muscles which support it. After just a few weeks, when someone asks you if you have lost weight, you will realise that you feel taller, more mobile, a little leaner and more positive about your body.


Joseph Pilates first published his booklet ‘Your Health’ in 1934, “a corrective system of exercising which revolutionises the entire field of physical education”.(ISBN 0-9614937-8-X) Ten years later his work ‘Return to Life Through Contrology’ was published, (ISBN 0-9614937-9-8) a systematic progressive exercise regime which has evolved into the movement method we now know as ‘Pilates’. It is an exercise system which benefits all populations from the elite athlete to rehabilitation from injury and illness

What our clients say

Pilates has been amazing for me. I was recommended Sharon by a physiotherapist who felt working on my core muscles would alleviate my lower back pain, she was right. Performing exercises slowly and correctly has helped me use and feel the muscles I should be engaging and has given me a much better sense of and connection to my body. Pilates has changed my body shape completely and was the first stepping stone to reengaging with exercise and reinvigorating body confidence after having three children. Sharon's nurturing, "you can do this" attitude and gentle but determined enthusiasm to help put my body right has kept me coming back for more - I always walk out of the studio rejuvenated, knowing that I have been physically challenged and am getting stronger with each visit.


Sharon has been teaching me pilates for around 10 years. She has really helped my lower back problem and her classes are always enjoyable too.


The work Sharon and I have done together over the last 3+ years has really felt like a partnership. She brings ambition, precision and the highest, highest standards, and I have to put in the focus, the effort and the self control. Studio Pilates with Sharon has been about building strength as well as rehabilitation, and she really knows what she's talking about.

I've noticed that Sharon prioritises her own on-going learning, and she shares the practice and wisdom that she learns generously with her clients. Pilates with Sharon is not for those who want an easy time! She really pushes her clients to know what they should be doing (and why), and to make week-on-week progress. She is hands-on, making constant adjustments in order to improve what her clients are doing, but always with delightful grace and a sense of fun.

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